As seen on Facebook – Women on Voting

 This quote came from a neighborhood team leader. I’ve heard similar sentiments in my local campaign offices. I’ll keep working and writing and volunteering to keep women’s status one of equality, not subservience. I’m disappointed that we’re still fighting, though. I thought we fought these battles already.
See how President Obama is fighting for women’s rights:
One vote counts, people. Your vote is important; my vote is important. Every vote matters. Right now, voter contact is a high priority. Talk to your neighbors and your relatives and your friends. Help them register to vote. Drive them to the polls – or to the city clerk’s office to order an absentee ballot. Rather than depend on millionaire donations, President Obama’s campaign is depending on people. People like me, and people like you, reader.
And finally, a bit of history. 1920, and then 1964. What pictures will represent 2012?
People, it’s in our hands.
Let’s make the 2012 election one for the books – in a positive way.

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