>As seasons change…

>That’s sports seasons, of course. What did you think? You might be sports fan in Wisconsin if even as you mourn the Brewers’ failure to make the play-offs, you get out your Green Bay Packer paraphernalia.
From left to right: Racing Polish sausage, rabbit with cheesehead, Racing Bratwurst, chalkboard mug, and Bret Favre bobblehead. Yes, I expect him to break Marino’s record today. Go! Pack! Go!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I didn’t forget the Badgers. Go Big Red!!! 37-34; Wow!!

Update: YYYYYYYEEEESSSSSS!!!!! 421!! 421!!! Go Favre!!!
And the latest update: 422!! and the team is 4-0!! Go man go!!!!

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One thought on “>As seasons change…

  1. >I guess the Packers make up for the Badgers, huh? (wink)

    I’m a UMichigan fan myself.

    Thanks for stopping my blog and reading about my poor lil 16yo son. Hehe. He’s so over it. LOL.

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