>Are you sneaking snacks from your child’s Halloween candy?


Halloween Candy Quiz
(courtesy of the Wellness Coordinator at my place of employment)

Which of the mini version is lowest in calories & fat — Milky Way, 3 Musketeers or Snickers?

Answer: 3 Musketeers has 24 cal. & less than 1 g. of fat/mini, Milky Way has 38 cal. & 1.6g of fat/mini & Snickers has 42.5 cal. & 2.25g of fat/mini.

Which has fewer calories — 2 Twix Fun Size or 1 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup?

Answer: 2 Twix Fun Size has 80 cal./cookie, so 2 Twix bars have 160 cal. One little Peanut Butter Cup has 180 cal. – 11g. total fat; 3.5g.. saturated fat!

Which is highest in calories & saturated fat — Mounds, Almond Joy or 2 packs of Fun-size M&Ms?

Answer: Almond Joy & Mounds tie for highest calories at 200cal. each. The 2 packs of Fun-size M&Ms has 180 cal. Mounds and Almond Joy also tie for highest in sat. fat with 8g/serving which is more fattening than a Quarter Pounder at 7g. of sat. fat. Who knew! The 2 packs of M&Ms also has 8g. total fat with 5of those grams being sat. fat.

Which has more calories 5 mini Kit-Kats or 35 pieces of Candy Corn?

Answer: 35 pieces of Candy Corn have 12 more calories than 5 mini Kit-Kat bars. One Candy Corn = 6.36 calories each. But the Kit-Kats have 8g of sat. fat/serving.

Which has more calories — 20 peanut M&Ms or 7 Hershey Kisses?

Answer: Each Hershey Kiss has 22 calories each, so 7 kisses add up to 155 total calories. 20 Peanut M&Ms has 220 calories. However, the peanut M&Ms have a little more nutritional value with 4g of protein and less sat. fat.

And then she adds this disclaimer: “Remember that one occasional mini candy is always an okay treat. Occasionally is the key!”

All I know is that they all taste better with a cup of good coffee on the side.

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3 thoughts on “>Are you sneaking snacks from your child’s Halloween candy?

  1. >Gosh, ya know, that MIGHT just be the reason my pants are tight this week! (Maybe. It could also be the donuts they are supplying us with at work, too. Probably both.)

  2. >Oh no! Not my Reese’s! This post gets major props for its educational value. Especially useful for us home alone. Thanks.h 🙂

  3. >I know that everything in moderation is good – that said, a day without chocolate would be a dull one for me! I do read the nutritional values and calculate them into my daily caloric allotment. I also know that when I deny myself something (like chocolate) I want it even more.

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