>Are you smarter than a (fill in the blank)?


blog readability test

Oh, dear. I suppose I should dumb it down to increase my readership. Oh, no, readership: a three syllable word! Must. Stop. Doing. Crosswords. And watching Jeopardy…oh, that was a sentence fragment. Would you prefer a run-on?

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5 thoughts on “>Are you smarter than a (fill in the blank)?

  1. >Well I don’t know that insinuating that your readers need the content “dumb downed” is the solution.
    Do you suppose?

  2. >I think the problem might be that I have so few readers because I use too many big words and run-on sentences.

  3. >Hey, I love your blog. It’s nice to read one that makes sense : ) Well, mostly. I have a hard time getting through the ones that use abbreviations (ooo, 5 syllables) and texting code. My mind can only spell words one way….the correct way : ) And it makes sense. I say don’t change!

  4. >Hmmmm, mine claims to be ‘college, undergrad’, but with all my crappy run-on sentences, and not even full sentences, over-use of ellipses, and sentences that start with ‘anyway…’, I have to admit, I’m really surprised. I would have thought third grade maybe….

    See what I’m talking about? 😉

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