>April Showers


Both Photos are courtesy of Husband’s trip outside in his winter coat in the middle of the, um, storm. We’re expecting up to six inches — maybe. I’m not expecting a snow day tomorrow. Darn. But we’re stocking up on bunny food just in case.

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2 thoughts on “>April Showers

  1. >I live just west of Madison. We were supposed to get 8-12″ but it stopped, fortunately, at about six.

    I love Winter, but I am SO ready for Spring.

  2. >Here in Wausau, we got two to three inches. And it melted the very next day. April weather has always been an important milestone in my life. My birthday is near the end (25th), so I always remember what the weather was like around my birthday. And living in Wisconsin, I know that I can never be guaranteed decent May-like weather. April still might as well be March in my book, as far as the weather is concerned. That being said, I love winter… I just hate shoveling.

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