And the weather!

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  • Free snowman, some assembly required, you haul…..
  • Beginning to think we may not have mail service today.
  • Snowing like crazy and whiteout conditions! Already have 6 inches and more to come!
  • It’s coming down and supposed to get heavier as the day goes on. I am currently doing the snow day happy dance.
  • Snow is on the way. When do we get out of this pattern?
  • Snow scatter is pretty.

Are you getting the idea yet? I hear you thinking: Daisy, you live in NE Wisconsin. You are a fan of the NFL’s venue nicknamed the Frozen Tundra. Why would you post crazy snowstorm highlights?

9 inches and falling


kitchen window


Folks, this is not my yard. And this is not my truck, either.

truck frontI give in. Much of the land is experiencing wild weather, and much of that stormy weather is in areas that aren’t used to being pounded and pummeled like we are in the upper Midwest. They get snow, but not piles like ours. Here’s the weather map. Please think warm thoughts and send good vibes toward my friends in Kansas.

KS Weather Map



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