Ah, the harvest.

I’m bringing in tomatoes and peppers every day, but I’m still watering the plants left behind because they’re still producing (quite a bit of) fruit.

I’m pruning the tomato plants so the water and sun can go into the leaves and stems that are still growing and still producing. Meanwhile, I’m searching for a source that will sell me garlic bulbs to plant now. Now, I tell you. Not next May. And since no one in town seems to carry garlic for planting, I’m reduced to ordering online.

I’m also cleaning up some of the container gardening. The flowers are gone to that great compost bin, the potting soil is piled in a corner of the plot behind the garage, and the empty drawers that played host to impatiens all summer now sit under the mock cherry tree. If the drawers survive the winter, I’ll plant in them again. If they rot, they’ll go in the garbage.

We’re giving thought to getting a sunlamp for the herbs that winter indoors. There’s never enough sun, even though the shelves sit in a window bay with Southern exposure. The thyme and oregano struggle through the season until it’s time to put them out again in spring. Last year the thyme and rosemary didn’t make it; basil was hopeless. If we provide artificial lighting, we’ll have fresh herbs for cooking all winter and strong plants to move outside in the spring. Worthwhile, we think.

The office slash guest room is taking shape. We can almost use La Petite’s old closet as our own, thanks to purging for the August garage sale. We found a daybed at a reasonable price, and we may buy it later this week.

As long as the weather holds, I will keep at the garden tasks one week at a time. When the first true killing frost shows up in the forecast, any tomatoes large enough to ripen will come indoors. Now that, my friends, will be a picture to behold.

Readers, let me know. How are you handling the autumn season? Any plans for next spring, or is it too early?


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5 thoughts on “Ah, the harvest.

  1. The office space sounds nice. Our (only) patio tomato plant is gone, except for the photos (it was almost six feet tall!) and the memories of the great taste. The rest of the plants are thriving so we will enjoy them for another week!

  2. The chill on the duck marsh at 5AM is back. We have shot our share including two banded ducks. The turkeys are making noise and I am getting pictures of deer with my trail camera at the land.

  3. Daisy, Where is the best place to get a bushel of squash? We have our potatoes and onions from central Wisconsin.
    Farmers almanac is forecasting a cold and snowy winter. It is almost time to take our snowblowers in for tune ups etc. Yes, it was plural. I have a big snowblower and last year I purchased a smaller blower for Deb.

    • Farmers’ Market downtown is my favorite place to buy squash. There are two vendors at the West end of the market, both nice people, and both with good quality produce at good prices.

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