>Ah, my generous family, they shared their cold germs.

>Top ten things to do with a stuffy head, drippy nose, and achy body on a winter weekend

10. Keep tissue box handy at all times.

9. Eat grapefruit for breakfast.

8. Drink lots of liquids (coffee du jour: Harry & David’s Roasted Chestnut).

7. Fill and plug in vaporizer.

6. Tuck in under blanket.

5. Drink more liquids (cranberry grapefruit juice).

4. Take extra vitamin C and Airborne.

3. Plan cold-fighting supper: chicken soup in crockpot.

2. Read blogs while drinking more liquids (orange spice tea).

1. Take a nap. And another nap.

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7 thoughts on “>Ah, my generous family, they shared their cold germs.

  1. >oh, the kids were down with cold these past week, too. and though they are now back to school, they are still sniffing.

    take a warm bath with eucalyptus oil, it helps, too

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