A Family Reunion of sorts

In earlier posts, I shared the saga of the antique family bible and how it came to our home. The original owner received the bible on her wedding day. Chuck dug into his records and confirmed the date, the bride, the groom, and the immediate family. He also confirmed that  she lived in several locations including upstate New York, Nova Scotia, and eventually Wisconsin. She is buried (are you sitting down?) less than a mile from our home in Riverside Cemetery.

We thought a reunion photo would be appropriate.

Elizabeth, your bible and your history are in good hands.

Elizabeth, your bible and your history are in good hands.

E Dane marker compressedElizabeth (Locke) Dane, Died 1835


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5 thoughts on “A Family Reunion of sorts

  1. Love this story. But. She died the same year she got the Bible? Who filled in all the stuff? She did before she died? Did it list anything after 1835? Sorry for asking so many questions 🙂

    • I’ll check the years with my husband’s records. Elizabeth got the bible when she was married. She and her husband moved quite a bit. They ended up in my hometown, the town in which we live now. She is buried in a nearby cemetery – close enough that we can ride our bikes there.

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