A Break, and Summer

I’m humming a little Gershwin, as I often do on the last day of the school year. As if the end of the school year and all it entails weren’t enough, we’re still regrouping from Tuesday’s election. I’m sorting through “goodbye and have a good summer” emails at school and “thanks for the support” emails at home. The only kind missing is “Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish!”

But meanwhile, back at the OkayByMe Ranch, I’m preparing for the low tech part of my summer: dirt therapy, also known as garden. I bought four packages of bamboo stakes, long ones, to use for the multitude of tomato plants that grew from seed. My excuse has been “They were old seeds; I didn’t know they’d all grow!” Well, they did, and the tomato gang will be a backstory all summer long.

While we public school teachers wound up our end-of-year records and cleaned our desks, we were still reeling from the election results just days ago. The Rich Republicans may have predicted we public servants and our Democratic cohorts would slink away with our tails between our legs. Nope. Not in this town. The local Democratic party will be marching in Saturday’s parade, which is the largest Flag Day parade in the state, if not the nation. They’ll be one entry among many, but they’ll be there.

So I’ll take a break, a well earned break, dig in the dirt, visit the farmers’ markets, and make my own kinds of contributions at the storefront turned political hub downtown.

Maybe they’ll like tomatoes.

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