>A Bad Day at School: Reality Show Edition

>Assistant: Who was that guy who visited your classroom late in the afternoon?
Daisy: the Superintendent of Schools for our district.
Director (to photographer): I hope you got a good angle on him. He’s the big guy, the boss of the boss of the bosses.
Daisy: I hope you didn’t get the kid falling out of her chair while he was there on camera.
Assistant: That was funny! And the kids who kept giggling; didn’t get that this was an important guest.
Daisy: Funny? Hardly! He must think I’m a complete disaster; the kids were awful while he was here!
Director: We followed him next door. That class told him math is boring.
Daisy: Shakes head, hand on forehead. Is it Friday yet?

Back up, earlier in day.
Liaison officer: I need to talk to Johnny.
Daisy: Johnny, go with Officer Krumpke.
Director: Can we use that? He might be a juvenile offender. Those records would be sealed.
Daisy: No, no, no. He’s just a bully who needs a little, um, firm hand. One with a badge and handcuffs to impress the point.
Liaison officer (returning to room): We need someone who actually witnessed the incident.
Daisy (to class): That means someone who saw it happen, not someone who heard the rumors.
Officer Krumpke: Speaking of rumors, let me clear up a rumor that’s going around in your grade. I am not a school security guard; I’m a police officer.
Daisy (aside to Officer K, as they walk into the hallway, motions toward gun): That’s a heck of an arsenal for a security guard.
Officer K: (laughs out loud)

Back up, earlier in day
Daisy (quietly, turns microphone off): Carter, did you take your medicine at lunchtime?
Carter (bouncing on chair): What? What?! I didn’t do anything.
Daisy: I’ll give you a choice: show me which you choose. You can start reading here, quietly, or you can take some time to settle down in the office.
Carter: No way!
Daisy: Show me. You’re not in trouble; you just need to choose where you’re going to read.
(three minutes later)
Daisy (on phone to office): Carter’s on his way; he needs a little time to settle down before he comes back to class. He’s bringing his book and his reading log.
Assistant to director: Gee, all the other kids settled down now, too.
Daisy: It’s called removing the entertainment. Now back away with that camera and let me teach these kids to read!

Back up, shortly after sunrise
Assistant: Why do I have to ride in the mom-van with you and the photog?
Daisy: You drew the short straw. Oh, drat. Darn it!
Assistant: What happened? Did you forget your homework? Your lunch box? Ha-ha. Ha-ha.
Daisy: Worse. I forgot my coffee!!

Maybe that explains everything!

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