>On my to-do list:

gather a few holiday CDs to bring to school
wrap birthday presents for Chuck and La Petite
empty dishwasher (ugh)
clean kitchen (double ugh)

I really live a boring life. Let’s see if I can liven this up a little.

Gather holiday CDs to bring to school
– must be intrumental for playing in class, no audible lyrics for students to notice and bring home tales of teacher playing music that might possibly have religious significance in a public school classroom
– a few fun collections for ME so I can listen to music that brings me to my Happy Place while I’m working and the kids are out for recess
– Debate leaving classroom door closed (heat functions better that way) or open (to share the good tunes)

Wrap presents for Chuck and La Petite
– Darn these December birthdays!
– Amigo will want to be part of the process. We have fun putting gifts together.
– I’m still serious about not buying wrapping paper. We have plenty of alternatives, and they’ll look good.
– Storing gifts will be easier after they’re wrapped. I won’t have to hide them.

Empty Dishwasher (still ugh)
– Chuck and I have mastered the art of procrastinating. The one who needs something from the clean dishes first ends up dealing with the dishwasher.
– Chuck and I have mastered the art of turning a blind eye to the dirty dishes – almost. I usually cave first; I can’t handle having the small counter space covered with dirty dishes for long.

Clean kitchen (still double ugh)
– It’s such a tiny space we really can’t let it clutter up. There’s not much counter, which makes wiping it down much easier and quicker, but still a bother.
– Why does it feel like I’m the only one who cleans the microwave? Perhaps because I am?

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