>10 Common Traits


Ten things I have in common with my son, Amigo

1. We’re both disabled. He is vision impaired and has Asperger’s Syndrome. I am hearing impaired. Since he’s a teenager, he would insist that just being a mom is an impairment in itself.
2. We like to go out for lunches and brunches, especially in the summer. this year we’ve tried out several new (new to us) restaurants and diners. We’ll remember those that had Braille menus for him!
3. Both of us have a tendency to get anxious in new and difficult situations.
4. We bond over Trivia. We watch Jeopardy as a family each night. At 15, Amigo can hold his own. He has an excellent memory.
5. Green Bay Packer football! He is a cheesehead through and through.
6. We both love Christmas, even the shopping and wrapping parts, but especially the music.
7. We enjoy the public library. He checks out books on tape/CD, and I pick up whatever strikes my fancy. In the summer we go at least once a week.
8. We like to bake. Okay, I like to bake cookies and he likes to eat them. It works, doesn’t it?
9. Reading. Reading together. ‘Nuff said.
10. I admit it; we share a sense of humor.

He reads my blog, so I’m sure he’ll have to say something about it — when he gets away from Youtube and gets around to reading it, that is. 🙂

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  1. >I am also hearing impaired. I have to fill out an application to get some help with aides. My son who is H.I. too is being hindered because I cant hear him. Ouch! Got to find a way to get the aides so I can hear him better! I have a referral they help defer some of the costs.

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