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I’m home for a while, resting and healing from a major fix (i.e. surgery). While I’m here at home with my pillows and blankets, you might expect posts along these lines.

  • Closed Captioning errors. I plan to watch some mindless TV (is there any other kind?),and I’ll share more humorous errors with you. A few minutes ago I heard Chuck laugh out loud – the captioner had typed “she was out of termites” instead of “she’s out of her mind.” 
  • Pictures of Buttercup, the sweet big bunny. She adopted me last night and spent the entire night under a chair at the foot of my temporary home, the daybed in my office. When I got up to use the bathroom, she waited at the bedroom door for my return. I could see it in her big eyes: “Mom, I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” She is a sweet and caring bundle of fur. Or maybe, just maybe, she wants to make sure someone is healthy enough to feed her.
  • Book reviews, or at least book lists. I loaded my Kindle and browsed Paperback Swap dot com to prepare for this lengthy leave.
  • Stories. I still haven’t decided how much needs sharing with the blogging world. If I start hearing “TMI! TMI!” in my subconscious, I’ll hit delete. Promise. Probably.
  • Progress reports – mine, not my students’. I expect the healing process to be steady and proceed at a substantially faster pace than my last medical leave of absence.

And off we go, folks, into the next six weeks at the O.K. Chorale.


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