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A while ago, not too far back, PunditMom proposed a revolution: an election revolution. Based on Melinda Henneberger’s book, If They Only Listened to Us: What Women Voters Want Men to Hear. PunditMom points out an important section of Henneberger’s book:

“As she was promoting her book, Henneberger quoted a statistic in one article that if every woman who voted in the 2006 national elections had contributed just $27 to any presidential candidate or party, we would pour $1.3 billion dollars into the political system.”

$27 = $1.3 billion. Billion, with a Big B. That’s a lot of Bucks, and a lot of support.

Women are good at talking, blogging, writing letters, and more. We rock the cradle, but we haven’t moved into the White House, much less begun to rule the world. Legislators rarely hear us in part because we don’t have the financial backing. Face it: money talks, sings, dances, and plays the accordion. Well, maybe not the accordion. But rather than replace your accordion case, please consider donating to a candidate of your choice this campaign season.

The heart of the $27 revolution is the concept that the candidates need to hear from us, and actions, particularly check-signing actions, speak louder than words. For example: if I spent $27 in my classroom, it might by 25-30 notebooks or three sets of holiday pencils. If a pro-education candidate wins office, legislation with better funding for schools may become law. This is worth much more than a notebook and a few pencils per child.

On that note, I’ll end my pitch. Please let PunditMom know who you’re backing…or if you’d rather keep the name quiet, just let her know you’ve taken action.

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