>A teacher died and went (of course) to Heaven. At the gate she was asked, “How can you be of service here?” She replied, “Well, I’m a teacher, so I’d be happy to teach here, too.” The new classroom appeared: 40 students, no materials, no books, no tech support, no clerical assistance. She reacted strongly. “This looks impossible! How can you expect me to do my best work in a situation that’s set up for failure?”

Bang. Switch venues.

Now in the opposite locale, a handsome devil asked her the same question. “How can you be of service here?” She replied with a sigh, “I’ll teach.” Her new classroom appeared, this time with a much different set-up. 15 students. Books, papers, pencils, pens, computers with current software, clerical time, useful professional development, and more. “What? How? I don’t understand,” she stammered.

The devil responded, “Well really, Mrs. Teacher, think about it. Whenever you asked your elected officials for this kind of classroom, where did they tell you to go?”

As the 2007-2008 school year ends, please consider how to make the future of education even better. Please vote for candidates who understand and support quality education for all students.

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2 thoughts on “>Overheard

  1. >I was expecting a different punch line!

    Something along the lines of Teachers who figure out how to get the best out of their students without ideal resources create their own kind of heaven or something cheesey like that?

    Here’s to the cheesey teachers I know!

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