Why I’m Watching the “Other” Convention

Friends, family, and regular readers all know that I’m a progressive type, a registered Democrat, and an active volunteer. So why on earth would someone like me watch the (gasp) 2016 Republican convention in Cleveland, Ohio? From the home office here at the O.K. Chorale, here are ten reasons why I’m watching.

  • Keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer. I follow Governor Scott Walker on Twitter for the same reason. His tweets are lame, if you’re wondering.
  • The 2016 presidential primary season was strangely entertaining. Like a circus – complete with scary clowns.
  • I feel the need to stay informed on both left and right sides of the political spectrum.
  • It’s hard to look away – like a bad traffic accident or someone getting CPR in the street. No, not like that. But a little like that.
  • I’m curious; will the GOP come together? The banner across the TV screen at the moment says, “Chaos consumes convention floor.” Alliterative, at least. Unified, not so much.
  • I don’t want to miss any new and improved Trump-ism. He’s already offended women, people with disabilities, those of Mexican descent, Americans who follow the Muslim faith – who could be next?
  • House Speaker and Wisconsin good ole’ boy Paul Ryan might find another opportunity to show how naive and clueless he really is.
  • Convention-related news has been fascinating in its contradictions. Ohio Governor (and former candidate for the Republican nomination) John Kasich has been asked to suspend Ohio’s open carry law for the duration of the convention. But…but…Republicans claim that letting Good Guys carry guns makes things safer. Um, gee…let’s rethink this.
  • Who will really show up to speak? Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is expected. Quarterback Tim Tebow was on the list, but he’s not coming. Late night host Stephen Colbert showed up – in Hunger Games’ Caesar Flickerman character garb, complete with blue hair.
  • And finally, the number one reason I’m watching the Republican Convention coverage: it gives me great blog fodder!

Well, the Democrats who go to Philadelphia will have a tough act to follow – kind of like the horses in a parade. Take a left at the next turn, folks. It’s the only way to go.

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One thought on “Why I’m Watching the “Other” Convention

  1. It would be funny if it weren’t so scary. Though my thoughts from last night:

    Yes, the world really wanted to know what Chachi thought of Trump.

    Freddie Mercury is rolling in his grave.

    And thanks for the beautiful speech, Mrs. Obama…

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