When Work Email Goes Wild

Or — sometimes “Reply to All” gives you more than you ever really wanted to know.

From the Media Specialist’s assistant:
“We are missing a skeleton. His name is Mr. Thrifty. If you have seen him, let us know.”
The responses:
“Is he in a closet?”
“Maybe he’s boning up for a test.”

From the guidance counselor:
“Where’s my cardboard banana? It’s about 4 feet tall, heavy cardboard, and was on the ‘Eat a Healthy Breakfast’ bulletin board by the office.”
The responses:
“The skeleton ate it.”
“I know where it is, but I’m sworn to secrecy.”

From the art teacher:
“My desk chair disappeared on election day. It’s gray, on rollers, a little paint on it.”
The responses:
“Is it a Democratic party chair or Republican party chair?”
“Was that a committee chair?”
“Chairman or Chairwoman?”
“The skeleton has it – he’s sitting on your chair, in his closet, eating the banana.”

The final follow-up:
The skeleton turned up in a classroom for a human body unit.
The desk chair turned up; it had been returned to the wrong classroom after the poll workers used it on election day.
The banana? It was hanging on the music room door, clad in a pink feather boa.

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2 thoughts on “When Work Email Goes Wild

  1. >Could have been worse, and soooo much more profane! I love this kind of thing, and my husband is the best at it!

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