When emails go wild

I like to include a reading or book-related quote with my auto-signature. It has my name, my school’s name, and my position (grade 5 and K-12 Music), and a quote. My dear, darling husband “Chuck” drops a hint when he thinks I need a change of quotes. Once he simply sent me a list of new quotes from which to choose. Another time, he paraphrased in such a way that I couldn’t keep my old quote. Simply couldn’t. For your perusal:

  • The quote: Books are a uniquely portable magic. -Stephen King
  • The paraphrase: Beer is a uniquely potable magic. -Chuck

At the end of a long day, the high school science teacher offered (by way of an all-users email, of course) a parody of the song The Fox entitled “What does the Sock Say?” Brilliant.

I’d been sitting on this image for a while, and it was the right time to share.

match dot com


Then another more intellectual staff member posted a link to a parody called “What does John Locke Say?” 

Let’s just say we’re at a crucial point in preparing first semester report cards. Anything goes.

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