>What’s your return policy?

>It isn’t wordless, so it’s not Wordless Wednesday. It’s definitely not an illustration of dedication and unconditional love, familial or otherwise, so it’s not a Love Thursday. I see this sign every time I take La Petite grocery shopping, and I finally had to take out my cell phone and snap a picture. Taken literally, it just doesn’t work. Come to think of it, the sign doesn’t really click in the figurative sense, either.

I still think it’s crying out for a caption. But maybe, just maybe, the label stands on its own. Perhaps I should say it parks in its own…never mind.

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2 thoughts on “>What’s your return policy?

  1. >And, all this time I thought I had to take my child WITH ME while I shopped. I like your store much better. 😉

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