>Mother’s Day? Already?

>But it’s only Cinco de Mayo today! It can’t be Mother’s Day — oh, I give in. I’ll go shopping tomorrow night after school. My mom, Husband’s mom — they each need something as special as they are. This always takes a little thought.
Me? You wanted to know what I need or want? Oh, that’s harder.
I already have a new purse, a unique and timely clutch.
I’m pretty well stocked on clothing.
My bike needs a new seat, but it’s already purchased and sitting in the garage waiting to be installed.
The cupboard has plenty of coffee in it. Chocolate is always welcome, but really.
I’ve hinted (directly) to the family that they could pick up the garden supplies I need and I’ll be very, very happy. Simple pleasures work for me. Okay, kiddos and Husband, here’s the list. I already have quite a few of the seeds I need; I mainly need seedlings.
Tomatoes — cherry and Big ‘Uns (Early Girl grows well in our soil).
Peppers: Green, Red, Chili
Broccoli or Cauliflower to grow and share with the bunbuns.
Herbs! Seeds or seedlings, either works for me. Basil, rosemary, thyme, at the least. Oregano grows nicely, too.
A new watering can, unfortunately. The old one cracked last fall. Sniff.
A small sprinkler to replace the one I stepped on and destroyed the day Tiny Bunny died. I was a little distracted.
That’s about it, family. Any or all of these lovely items would make me very happy. You know how much I love to dig in the dirt!

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3 thoughts on “>Mother’s Day? Already?

  1. >You are after my heart. I called the florists in Iowa and Minnesota and have outdoor baskets being delivered to both mothers. Then I told Mr. D just to let me get my own annuals and we’ll call it a happy mother’s day:)

  2. >I usually get breakfast in bed along with whatever items the kids have made at school. This year I want household chores to be completed – like dusting. 🙂

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