What to do On a Cool Saturday

On a cool Saturday, when the heat wave finally broke, Chuck had a weather headache. He toughed it out and accompanied me to the Farmers’ Market anyway. What did we buy, you ask? Readers, you’re way ahead of me. Of course I took a picture of the goods!

To Market, To Market

To Market, To Market

The most important pieces in the picture are the peas falling all over the center and the cucumbers on the right. It’s time to freeze more peas and make pickles!

Peas! Peas!

Peas! Peas!

As long as I was prepping peas and pickles, I pulled a few bulbs. Remember the magnificent walking onions? They produced some decent bulbs, too. I yanked these from the ground, cleaned them up, diced them, and added them to a batch of sweet bread & butter pickles.

These onions were made for walking

These onions were made for walking.

To summarize, I spent much of Saturday sitting on the deck doing food preparation. The breeze was wonderful, I felt productive, and the pickles were (and still are) delicious.


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