Heat Wave

Sing it, Linda Ronstadt! Or if you prefer, sing the one by Irving Berlin or the Motown song performed by Martha and the Vandellas. I’m not giving you links, people. Use your search engines. 

Now that we have a sound track in place, let’s look at the before pictures.

Hot, hot strawberries

“Feed me, Seymour!”

Thirsty tomato plants

“Water, water,” pant, pant, pant.

After an early watering and another later in the day, I thought I heard the strawberries saying “We feel MUCH better now!”

It's so peaceful in the evening breeze!

“It’s berry, berry peaceful in the evening breeze!”

Ah. Water. Such a relief.

“Ah. Water. Such a relief.”

And since the plants are talking to me, I’ll take that as a sign that it’s really too hot to be outside. What’s the worst that happens to you when it’s hot? Leave me a comment, please, and TTFN – TaTa For Now.

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