We might move our cubicles. Maybe.

Nothing is certain, but the district is considering moving us, the online charter school, to a currently unused small building the district owns. Nothing is for sure, but of course we’re talking.

Pro – on the side of the move

  • A decent sized parking lot
  • We wouldn’t have to share space with any other schools
  • We’d have actual storage space and maybe even a lounge space


  • It would no longer be within walking distance for me.
  • We like the beautiful old building housing our offices now.
  • We’re close to downtown, a thriving downtown in a small city
  • IT will no longer be in the same building we are.

Kinda pro –

  • We’ll be near two good coffee shops with drive-thru windows!

Oh, well, it’s not up to us. But we’ll still talk. And for now, we’ll keep doing what we do, teaching from our cramped cubicles.

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