Tonight, tonight – let’s make history at the DNC

Remember four years ago? The election of 2008? Barack Obama became the first African-American to be elected president of the United States. I had a major lump in my throat that night and in January when he was inaugurated.

Since then, President Obama has had major challenges: some ridiculous (let go of the birther garbage already!) and some very serious. He has approached them all with class and intelligence.

Listing his accomplishments would be too easy. Instead, on the day of his acceptance speech at the 2012 Democratic National Convention, I give you samples from Compost Happens to chronicle a few choice moments in the last several years.

President Obama’s first State of the Union Address – the ending statement calling for unity and cooperation is still valid today.

My professional reaction to changes in stimulus money for schools based on their success as measured in test scores – this concern is still relevant as well.

I reviewed a young readers’ book about Obama’s historic journey to the presidency.

Another review, this time of my favorite coffee blend.

‘Tis the season to campaign! 

Thoughts on Joe Biden and – get ready for it – Sarah Palin

Need more reading to fill the time until President Obama starts his speech? Use the search box above and enter the term “Obama.” You’ll find all sorts of posts that cover the journey from candidate to president-elect and finally, President Obama.

President Obama. I still love hearing that phrase.


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