>To be truthful…


The Liar’s Diary by Patry Francis is a compelling and unpredictable story. Jeanne Cross, perfect doctor’s wife and high school secretary, finds herself carpooling with a rather atypical teacher who strikes a chord with her and becomes a close friend. In the process, however, Jeanne ends up witness to events that shock the traditional school gossip channels. The faculty lounge grapevine doesn’t usually dabble in life and death headlines — until free spirited Ali Mather joins the staff. Soon rumors pale in relationship to real life, and Jeanne faces unwelcome truths and unearths skeletons she wishes had remained buried. Her loyalty and her honesty collide with brutal results.
From the opening chapter to the riveting climax, this novel just doesn’t quit. The pacing isn’t a walk or a jog, but a speedy drive on a tight mountainous pass: fast, twisty, and totally on edge.
Don’t read it alone, don’t read it in the dark, but absolutely do read it. The Liar’s Diary is fascinating and enthralling. Patry Francis ties her readers in knots and doesn’t let them loose until the very, very final page.

Note: I received a copy of The Liar’s Diary, no monetary compensation, in order to write this review for MotherTalk.

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