This talent skipped a generation.

I don’t sew. My mother does, and my daughter does, but the best I can hope for with a needle and thread is to anchor a button before it falls off.

Daughter is starting her career as a professional photographer. I take pictures for my blog. Some are okay, and some are – well, you’ll see. Observe: examples from our recent trip to Bay Beach Amusement Park.

I’ll pretend I meant to frame the pavilion between SIL and Amigo.

And the day went on, from train ride to helicopters.

The helicopter at left is carrying SIL and adorable 2 year old niece.

Note to self: Don’t even try to make meaningful photos from the Ferris wheel.

Watch that first step – it’s a long way down.


Great view – er, great view after you get past the knees.

Next time I’ll leave the professional photo work to the younger generation.

I’ll just sit back and enjoy the rides.


2 thoughts on “This talent skipped a generation.

  1. I tend to have huge numbers of bad photos. Now with the digital camera, at least we don’t need to pay for film developing, thank goodness!

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