The To-Do List never goes away.

Subtitled: One thing leads to another.

So far:

  • Labeled and put away jam from last night’s canning session
  • Discovered I’m nearly out of 1/2 pint jars
  • Started a shopping list for a trip to Fleet Farm
  • Had breakfast (cereal with blueberries) and made sure Amigo ate, too.
  • Put more blueberries in the refrigerator (from 10 lb. box we bought Sunday)
  • Reheated coffee from yesterday
  • Realized coffeemaker could use cleaning
  • Threw swim towels over shower curtain rod
  • Knocked down shower curtain rod
  • Replaced shower curtain rod AND swim towels
  • took Internet break and realized the rug in the den need vacuuming

Now the world was looking a little more complicated. It was time to multi-task.

  • Started the coffeemaker with water-vinegar mix, and then vacuumed the den.
  • Brought frozen blueberries downstairs to the freezer, and then laid out more blueberries for freezing.
  • Sampled a few blueberries; quality control is part of my job.
  • Used vinegar water from coffeemaker to attack a slow drain in the bathroom. Success!

And so on, and so on, and so on.


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6 thoughts on “The To-Do List never goes away.

  1. Daisy- didn’t your mother teach you that you could buy blueberry preserves at the store without all the work you are doing?
    When I was young I could never understand farmers that worked hard to produce milk when they could buy it by the carton in the store.

    You have so much to learn. I do have a blueberry recipe for you.
    1. Put lots of blueberries in your cereal bowl.
    2. Pour on lots and lots of sugar.
    3. Pour lots of heavy cream in the bowl until the berries are covered.
    4. Add more sugar.
    5. Enjoy

  2. I saw on TV the other day that using some baking soda (not sure what is mixed with or if it was just straight baking soda with water) will work for a slow drain. Chef Tony’s book has the kitchen helps and tips (saw it for $10 but can get the Food helps and tips and be upgraded to the hardback of the Kitchen helps book – lol). Some of the tips they show in the commercial are tips my father shared with me eons ago – like the potato in a too salty stew or dish; how to make a tomatoe based sauce less acitic (throw in a sprinkle of sugar – they don’t reveal that one but I’m pretty sure that is what the tip will be), cleaning mirrors with vinegar to prevent them from streaking but the one they show is using shaving cream on bathroom mirrors to prevent them from steaming up.

    Sounds like you have a full day ahead but that you are making progress.

    To PM: I like to take fresh peaches or strawberries and slice them up and throw some sugar on them, put in fridge for a while until they are all juicy and then throw some regular milk on them and enjoy; haven’t done fresh blueberries like that but I’m not a big blueberry fan; they are okay in moderation but I prefer strawberries or peaches.

    Elysabeth Eldering
    Author of Finally Home, a Kelly Watson paranormal mystery

    • Yes, baking soda may sped up a drain. But at the hardware you can buy a jug of sulfuric acid that will really speed up the drain.

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