The Race is Still On. (Encore from 2008)

This is from 2008. In 2016, I hope (and hope and hope and hope) that Secretary/Senator Clinton keeps her lead. Here’s where she stood eight years ago.

Why Hillary should stay in the race even though she is in second place

1. If she drops out now, she’ll look like a quitter. Despite her courage and energy in mounting the campaign, despite her success in raising campaign funds, despite being seen as a favored candidate — the media will call her a loser. A quitter. They’ll be wrong, but they’ll say it.

2. If she drops out before the convention, the press will play on the perception of the “gracious woman, giving way to the man.” Bleh. Gag. Aren’t we over that 50s era sexism?!

3. In the celebration of the first viable African-American candidate, the public will forget that the first viable female candidate also made history.

4. Staying in until the end shows her strength, her tenacity, her energy. In politics, this can only be good.

5. Staying in the race until the convention means the record will show her success in delegate numbers rather than her presence as a dropout. Numbers talk, sing, and dance.

6. And it’s not over until the Viking lady sings, either.

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