>The Post Holiday Letdown


My school is one of the few that still allows kids to dress for Halloween. We call it Storybook Character Day, and we encourage students and staff to dress up. I have a Bah, Humbug! attitude toward Halloween costumes and lost learning time, but they talked me into it. I dressed as (did anyone guess this?) Minerva McGonagall from the Harry Potter series. With a simple black cape ($12 from Lillian Vernon), my hair in a bun, my reading glasses on my nose, and a name sticker that proclaimed, “Hello, my name is Minerva” I greeted the incoming students at the morning bell.

Down the hall are three very creative teachers. They dressed as a unit in black from head to toe, with….

Oh, a picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case, three. I present to you:

Three Blind Mice.

Extra Costume Credit goes to my darling son, Amigo, who loaned them an old cane so that they could make theirs look authentic.

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