>Summertime, and the reading is easy

>Summer Reading Lists are here! I actually don’t make a list for my students. Instead, I encourage them (strongly encourage them) to sign up for the local public library’s reading program. I’m making my own list and checking it twice, though. Summer is a time when I can read for pleasure more than a little.
I’ve found it’s a little dangerous to go to a store while I’m craving new reading material. It’s much too easy to buy lots of books. That’s not a bad thing (who can have too many books? not me), but it can play havoc with the credit card and the family budget.
I have a graduate class, independent and by correspondence, to complete within one year’s time. No problem; I plan to finish most or all of it this summer. I also have software that teaches lipreading. This is a skill that may keep me teaching longer, even as my hearing loss progressively worsens. Both of these projects will take time.
But every summer I make a point of taking time to read for fun. Whether frivolous or serious, heavy or light, realistic or fantasy, I need to read. Amigo and I will make multiple trips to the library, I’ll trade in stacks of books at the secondhand store, and yes, I’ll make a few (too many, probably) trips to the chain bookstore and our local independent.
And lo! Behold! I made an order at Amazon two days ago. I had a gift card, so I used it. On their way here are Isabella Moon and Surreal South by Laura Benedict, Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella, and Sleeping with Ward Cleaver by Jenny Gardiner. My June supply awaits. Now I just need to stock up on coffees….

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4 thoughts on “>Summertime, and the reading is easy

  1. >Hi Daisy! How’s it going? So sweet of you to get my book–I do hope you enjoy it! Let me know 😉

  2. >I think I am going to have to add some of those to my reading lists too.
    What age do you teach?

  3. >Hi Daisy, Thanks for the comment on my blog…
    My love for books falls just below my love for my family…my to be read pile is at least 10 thick.

    I enjoy your blog!

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