>spring fever

>I want to plant my garden. Unfortunately, it’s still snow-covered. After that stage, it’ll be a mud puddle for several weeks before I can even set foot in it to spread the compost and convince husband to run a rototiller through the ground.
That doesn’t stop me from thinking, though. Husband came home from the grocery store with a small squash, reminding me of his personal goal to eat more vegetables, and also reminding me that if he likes squash, we could plant more than zucchini this year.
I also found a great recipe for the crockpot that includes spinach — lots of spinach. I could grow that, too. There’s a nice little connection between the pet rabbits and my garden: if I grow too much, they’ll eat it. If I don’t grow enough for the humans to enjoy, the rabbits will still eat it. It’s a win-win. The parsley and the lettuce I grow primarily for them, even though I enjoy adding it to my own salads.
So I hinted to the Husband that he and the kids could make me happy on Mother’s Day by getting everything I need for the garden. I suppose I need to make a list, then. Lists R Us, here goes.
Tomatoes. Always. Big ones and little ones.
Peppers. Green bell peppers, red chili peppers. I wouldn’t turn down red or yellow peppers, either, if they’ll grow in our rather dense soil.
Broccoli or cauliflower. We’ll eat the “fruits” and the rabbits will eat the leaves and the stems.
Lettuce. Parsley. Spinach.
Stringless Pole Beans, green! And how about yellow bush beans to provide ground cover and give us the pleasure of Packer beans when the pre-season starts?
Zucchini. It seems like I either have feast or famine with this squash. We gave them away at our rummage sale in August, free with any purchase. People thought we were kidding until we handed them a squash on their way down the driveway.
Carrots. They don’t grow well in our thick soil, but the rabbits love the greens. Every time I thin them, the bunnybuns get a treat. To them, it’s like candy.
The green onions and chives will come up on their own. So will the rhubarb around the corner. The wild raspberries? The birds beat me to them last summer. Maybe I’ll have better luck this year.
All this makes it sound like we live in the country and have a huge yard. Nope. City house, less than a mile from downtown in our lovely small metropolis, with a small but decent backyard. Right now that backyard is covered with melting snow, and lots of it. I can glimpse the mud and brown grass at the edges, which means there is a growing season on the way.
I love our Wisconsin winters, but I’m really looking forward to spring.

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  1. >Amen, sister. Mr. D always springs for my annuals for Mother’s Day–I get gobs of them at Green Handel’s Greenhouse and plant hanging baskets and pots all over the front porch and back patio. I’m a fool–but I know the rule–no planting until Mother’s Day!!!

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