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I’m resisting making lists for our potential vacation this summer because there are still a couple of major variables, a couple of big questions without answers. For one, Husband doesn’t know if he can get the time off yet. For two, we don’t have our reservations yet. We’ll make the reservations as soon as Husband finds out if he can confirm the time off.
But in the meantime, since I’m not making lists, I’ll just think about which lists need to be made. That’s not too much, is it?

  • List of Potential Lists
    Things to do far ahead of time (includes passport applications, reservations, work schedules, etc.)
    Packing list (general)
    Packing list for the road (should I bring my coffee thermos or just my insulated travel mug?)
    Packing list for the ferry (most of the luggage will stay in the van, but it’s a five hour ferry ride)
    Groceries (What can we buy ahead, and can it be transported over a border?)
    Medicines (prescriptions and other important OTCs)
    Maps, atlases, and Map Quest printouts
    Laptop? We may have a new one by then, or the trip might use up the money budgeted for a new laptop
    Camera and charger and memory cards
    Cell Phones and chargers
    Toiletries: Amigo and Husband will actually have an easier time of this than I will. Maybe. Things to do nearer the trip, but before traveling (give the garden a last minute weeding, convert currency, make sure cell phones will work internationally if we stay on the North American continent)

I guess I’m already listing, although it’s not formal. I’ll either create a computer file or designate a spiral notebook to the cause. That way, Amigo and Husband can add to it as they think of things.
My family teases me about my compulsive list-making, but they always ask me to go over a verbal checklist before they leave on a trip of any kind. It’s okay that I”m already thinking ahead. Really.

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2 thoughts on “>Lister of lists

  1. >I read the first line of your post as “four potential vacations” and I was really impressed. I’m still impressed by the list!

    Thanks for your comment earlier this week. 🙂

  2. >I’ve always been a list maker. It’s been a coping mechanism for the ADD. Until I started the Adderall XR – I no longer make lists. Isn’t that odd? My lists always kept me afloat. Now I feel kinda lost and loose, but I still get things done. How odd.

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