Sowing Seeds in the Snow

The remnants of snow, I should add. We had a soggy inch or two on the deck and driveway a few days ago, followed by a little rain-mixed-with precipitation. Cold, damp, and just not feeling like spring, this weather.

I take a little encouragement from the green that’s popping up on my shelves. The seedlings are trying. They’re really trying.

Tomatoes, can't you tell?

Tomatoes, can’t you tell?

The others are struggling a little. They’re starting to get the typical indoor stems – weak and thin, that is – and leaning desperately toward the window in hopes of capturing a little sunlight.

Lean to the left!

Lean to the left!

I do have a few solutions to this problem. Watering takes place in the kitchen to minimize dripping on the wood floor. When I’m done watering, I rearrange the containers so they get a different angle at the available sunlight. Don’t laugh – it works, sort of.

As for the wimpy indoor stems, they’ll strengthen when the weather improves and the temperatures go up. The plants will take daily “field trips” outside to build strength and adjust to outdoor conditions, including developing stronger stems. Barring warmer temperatures, a fellow gardener recommended setting a fan to blow on the seedlings. I’ve never tried this, but it makes sense. The breeze will simulate outdoor conditions and stimulate thicker stem growth. Right? Maybe. I’ll try it.

For now, it’s watering time. Just think of those mouthwatering tomatoes that’ll be here in late summer.



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