Signs that the O.K. Chorale has been — well —

I think I’ll address this in the form of a top ten list. Here you go, readers:

The Top Ten Ways Daisy can Tell She Hasn’t Blogged Recently. 

10. Several friends have changed their Facebook profile pictures and I didn’t notice.

9. Plurk updates have gone down in quantity.

8. The laptop didn’t need charging.

7. I’ve known the final Jeopardy answer twice and haven’t bragged about it here.

6. I’ve had more posts on my employer’s national blog than on my own.

5. The latest ER visit had me saying “I hope the doctor on duty isn’t the crabby one.”

4. I’ve spent more time with my new blood pressure monitor than with my laptop.

3. Amigo asked if I’d blogged the latest captioning errors on MeTV’s series “Emergency.”

2. My coworker’s parents, regular readers, asked her to check on me.

1. I started getting emails saying “You haven’t blogged. Are you okay?”

In conclusion, my friends and family, it’s been rough around the O.K. Chorale. I was started to feel stronger and walk a little less lopsidedly (that is SO a word), and my back started giving me spasms so agonizing that we went to the E.R. (see #5). I’m healing, but I’m low on energy. I’m back at work full time, but not doing much else (see #6). I come home, throw my herbal heating pack in the microwave, and sit down to watch Emergency with Amigo (see #3). Supper has been a throw-it-in-the oven affair. Thank goodness for the nearby meat market that sells ready to eat lasagna, among other things!

I’m not kidding when I say I’ve rearranged the desk in my “office” to make room for a new tech toy (see #4). Petunia checked the reviews and made a few calls and found us a portable electronic blood pressure monitor. So far, the results are good – BP results, that is.

For now, I’m going to adjourn and watch Final Jeopardy. The category tonight is The Academy Awards. I don’t stand a chance.

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