Adventures on the Internet

A middle school student in our virtual school had a lesson blocked by his “net nanny” filter program. Why? The net nanny determined this lesson had a Mature Theme.

The lesson: Relationships Between Parallel and Perpendicular Lines.

My students must meet certain source requirements for their research, including print and online sources. I teach a lesson about recognizing reliable sources on the Internet. They always complain a little when I say, “No Wikipedia!” In addition, I don’t want my kiddos reading a conspiracy theory site and deciding that because it’s on the web, it must be true. So when I saw this on Facebook, I borrowed it.

“Quotes found on the Internet are not always accurate.”

— Abraham Lincoln

On another note, the closed captions on MeTV continue to entertain. In today’s episode, “blood pressure” became “blog pressure.” I can identify with the first phrase, but I don’t feel pressure to blog. I do it for fun. In fact, blogging is kind of like gardening: cheaper than therapy!

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