Signs of the Times

Imagine the scene:Mother and two young sons walking around the block: mother walking, sons on bicycle and tricycle. Young man walking dog on opposite side of street, going opposite direction.

Boy on tricycle: Mom! It’s the pizza guy! Look, it’s the pizza guy!

This reminds me of the time I’d had surgery on my left foot and was unable to cook. La Petite and Amigo did some of it, but they were only 13 and 8 at the time. We ordered pizza – quite a bit of pizza. When the delivery came from Pizza Hut and the woman holding the pizza box said, “Ooh, you’re off your crutches!” I knew we’d ordered too often.

Signs of these times are not pizza boxes, but the campaign signs sitting in people’s yards. Amigo’s bedroom window sports a “Reclaim Wisconsin: Recall Walker” sign. Across the street a neighbor’s yard sports two additional signs supporting the recall election. There’s always another side, however.

actual campaign sign: no editing needed

I only wish the other side could spell.

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