>Siblings and Love Thursday


You can’t see all of it, but you can see the results. This picture demonstrates siblings cooperating, a nephew enjoying a novelty gift from an uncle, and just an overall good time on the couch on a Saturday night.

This is Amigo in his Radio Hat. He’s taking his own picture with La Petite’s camera while she looks on, just out of range. If you’re noticing that it’s not centered very well, remember: Amigo is visually impaired. He reads Braille and walks with a white cane. I mean, he can’t see where the camera is pointing, so it’s just a lucky shot that actually caught the corner of his head and hat.

La Petite was home for the weekend, and they were bonding and giggling and taking pictures. He took more; the top one is my favorite. To the right is a shot he took of his sister’s computer. That’s a pillow reflected in the screen, by the way, not her screensaver.

Happy Love Thursday, everyone.

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