>One Mother of Invention

>I give thanks for a relatively unknown inventor. Her name was Josephine Garis Cochrane, and she lived in Shelbyville, Illinois. (Ha-ha! No links. You’ll have to figure it out for yourself or wait until the end of the post.)
Mrs. Cochrane was descended from creative people. Her father designed bridges and machines, and her great-grandfather had built steamboats. Even though she lived in a time when women were not recognized for their industry, she put together a new and unique machine. She patented this in 1886 (guess it yet?).
Amazingly, this tool was considered a novelty and even a gimmick, not essential, for decades. Not until the late 1950s did her innovative invention catch on.
Need more? Mine broke down last summer. I replaced it, wishing it were a luxury, but knowing that in our two-income busy family we needed this item.
Snowblower? Nope.
Lawnmower? Not that, either.
Microwave? Well, it’s an essential in my home, but no.
Coffeemaker? You know me too well. But no.
HDTV? Give me a break.

Josephine Garis Cochrane was truly a “Mother” of invention. She created and patented the first dishwasher.

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2 thoughts on “>One Mother of Invention

  1. >i love the dishwasher and i have to do a report on it…for science… 🙁
    at least i did another report on it for a gifted program so, i know a lot about her…this article helped but since i knew her name…the “guessing” game wasn’t much fun…i’m sure it would have been if i didn’t know! 🙂

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