They’re here! The seeds are coming up. They’re kind of spindly, though, and they’re stretching their little necks – er, stems – toward the wee bit of sunshine that comes through the windows.

Okay, everybody, lean!

Okay, everybody, lean!

I set them outside a few days ago when the temperatures got near 60. Then I brought them inside to soak in the heat of the grow lights. If I can do that a few more times, it’ll help the spindly stems strengthen. Say that ten times fast, if you can.

I have herbs that wintered indoors, tomatoes, peppers, and — radishes.

Radishes in coffee cans - Chuck's suggestion.

Radishes in coffee cans – Chuck’s suggestion.

We’ll see how they all grow. Most years, I put the pedal to the metal, er, the seedlings in the soil at the end of May. These little tiny starters should be ready by them.

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