Racism, Theft, Vandalism – and more

as seen on local church

as seen on local church

The Unitarian Universalist fellowship, or the UU, displayed this banner for nearly two years. By making the statement that Black Lives Matter, the fellowship encourages people to think. Phone calls objecting to or questioning the banner lead to conversations on race – valuable conversations.

A few days ago, someone took down the banner and stole away with it. The thief or thieves are still at large. The banner hasn’t shown up.

This vandalism, this theft, upsets me. All lives may matter, but black lives are at substantially greater risk just by stepping out the door and getting into a car. Supporting the group called Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean being anti-white or anti-police. Hanging the banner invites conversation and recognizes that in our anglo-centric society, people of color face discrimination and dangers every day that we of white privilege cannot even imagine.


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