>Pioneer Mom

>After nearly two weeks of Not Cooking, the cupboard was as bare as Old Mother Hubbard’s. It was time to call on my alter-ego, Pioneer Mom. Yes, Pioneer Mom keeps her family fed, bakes from scratch, never calls for pizza, and wastes nothing.
Today Pioneer Mom recognized that the weather was perfect for playing in the kitchen. At 74 degrees and with all the windows open, Pioneer Mom baked chocolate chip cookies and started a loaf of homemade white bread.
Now the disclaimer: Pioneer Mom uses modern appliances. The mixmaster helped with the cookies, so as to rest the sore wrist (injured in December starting a stubborn snowblower). The bread is in the bread machine — no hands-on kneading required. Cleaning the kitchen is easy with the help of the dishwasher, too.
But confessions aside, the house smells wonderful and we’ll have good food for supper and snacks. The end justifies the means, even for Pioneer Mom.

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