>Mom’s playing in the dirt again!


Weeding feels good because:
  • I can’t hear the telephone.
  • Digging in the dirt is fun.
  • It doesn’t matter if I’m all sweaty and grimy.
  • I can appreciate the growth of my vegetables by comparing them to the weeds I’m pulling out.
  • I see the little flowers that mean the plants will bear fruit — some time.
  • I can laugh at the tiny “stray” tomato plants that grew where the rotten fruit dropped last fall.
  • The science teacher in me looks at all the clover and thinks, “Wow! There’s a lot of nitrogen in this soil! Who needs fertilizer?”
  • I notice the little grubs and worms that aerate the rich soil; and they’re not, I said NOT, yucky.
  • I notice how dark and rich the soil is, thanks to our home-grown compost.
  • The weeds (well, most of them) will become part of the cycle of life by decomposing in the compost bin.
  • Progress is noticeable. Every little bit of weeding shows results.

I heard a garden expert on the radio recommend that serious gardeners spend about 30 minutes a day weeding and maintaining. I don’t come near that, so I guess I’m not “serious” by his standards. I do keep it up, though, and get my hands dirty and produce good things to eat. My garden makes me happy. Isn’t that enough?

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5 thoughts on “>Mom’s playing in the dirt again!

  1. >LOL Oh gosh, I hear ya! Wonderful therapy weeding the garden.. or is that gardening the weeds?

    Blessings to You

    P.S.ssst! Sorry about the deleted post, hit the wrong buton! 🙂

  2. >There are still several clover plants that “grew” while I was composting the rest. Ah, well, they’re not taking over — yet. Tomorrow will be another day.

  3. >30 minutes a day? Gasp. Gosh, I do probably 2 hours a week when I’m at my most productive. That includes the mowing too.

    But I’m already dreaming of what I’m going to plant . . . .

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