>…while volunteering at the local Democratic Party Headquarters

Please sign in.
Stacks of 25, please.
When McCain picked Palin, that was the end.
I need more of the Congress pamphlets. I have enough for President.
Are there any pens that aren’t chewed on?
Hello, my name is Jon, and I’m a volunteer at the Democratic Party for Change.
We couldn’t run this campaign without volunteers.
How long will that phone cord reach?
Is the nine to twelve shift all right?
Here, kids, go get Starbucks for all of us.
Thank you.
How many hours until the election?
Here’s the address where you’ll be meeting.
It’s important for my kids to see the process.
Let me get that for you.
Thank you.
We need a lot of people to keep this machine running.
Data entry? I can do that.
I’m confirming your shift for “Get out the Vote” on election day.
Do you need Energy Plan brochures or Economic Solutions?
Share the excitement!
I remember you. I talked to you last night.
Can a voter register if she moved here in July and still has a Hawaii drivers’ license?
Where are we? What’s our address?
You can register up to the fourth of November. On the 5th, you’re no good to us.
Yes, you can register at the polls on election day with the proper ID.
We couldn’t run this campaign without volunteers.
Thank you.

It’s just an empty storefront re-furnished with desks, tables, chart paper, shelves, and temporary wall signs. Nothing is new. Even the phones on the phone bank are old fashioned telephones with cords. Laptop computers are adorned with bumper stickers and campaign buttons. Handmade posters share space with professionally printed pieces. Scripts for the phone bank hang on the wall with tape, sharing space with additional information like the address of HQ and a map of the polls. But amidst the murmur of voices and the clicks of the telephones, there’s an underlying energy that fuels the crew.

We all know it’s no longer a matter of days. It’s a matter of hours. This election matters. At this late date, all we have left is hope.
Ah, yes, and the most important tool: we have our votes.

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  2. >Hi Daisy,

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