>Election Day Memories

>Favorite bumper stickers:
“I’m pro-accordion and I vote.”
“Republicans for Voldemort”
“A Child is more than a Test Score”

The last one isn’t precisely election related, but it does make a strong statement on current policy.

Best sights to see:
Long lines at the polls (Active participation in Democracy! w00t!!
Campaign signs
“I Voted” stickers on multiple lapels
A thriving and busy campaign office

And this:

Update: Memories? This was the most amazing election day ever. I am so, so proud today.

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4 thoughts on “>Election Day Memories

  1. >I’m off to cast my vote for McCain/Palin, then heading to Starbucks for my free coffee! I’ve also been informed that voting will score me a free Krispy Kreme donut. Who knew voting was so fattening?

  2. >I don’t particularly like either choice Ones too old the other too inexperienced.
    I think if a third party could come up with a decent canadate they would wipe both parties off the map 😛

    OH well we’ll have to see how it goes.

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