On Watching the Democrats

And I thought the Democrats’ convention would be calmer than the other. Anyway – a few notes.

Dear Michelle (Obama, of course);

Focusing  your speech on your daughters was genius. You reminded everyone listening that the future isn’t something we can leave to just anyone. You reminded all of us that we can’t sit back and do nothing; we need to pour our passion into electing Hillary Clinton president. I will remind myself of your speech every time I feel too tired to volunteer or too discouraged to blog. 

Dear Debbie (Wasserman-Schultz – are there any other Debbies?);

If you don’t want to see it on the front page of the newspaper, in print or online, don’t hit send. Nothing, whether on a private or a so-called secure server, is truly private. Nothing.

Dear Bernie Backers; 

Bernie Sanders lost. You’re feeling hurt and upset at the delegate total. But when you boo, I feel embarrassed, because Bernie has already come to grips with his loss. It’s a small minority of his supporters that haven’t. So please, pull yourselves together – just like in 2008 when Hillary stepped aside and supported Barack Obama. 

Dear Democrat Speakers;

Keep count. Use your fingers, keep a tally, or drop marbles in your pockets, but keep count. Trump already has name recognition. You can get Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine the name recognition they need by speaking their names more often than you do the name of their opponent.

Dear Hillary; 

I’m with you. I want to see you shatter that final glass ceiling into a million shards. 

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