October comes to a close

The last outdoor market

The last outdoor market!

We didn’t do much stocking up this time. Today’s market, the final outdoor market of the downtown season, was more about watching little kids in their Halloween costumes trick-or-treating at the various vendors, picking up a few things for tonight’s supper, and just enjoying the fresh air one more time.

I did buy apples for my lunches, lettuce for several days of salads, and kettle corn just for fun. We picked up a little cheese and honey just because we could, and Chuck picked out Moroccan squash soup and curried chicken salad from the little deli we like so much.

But on the way home, we stopped at the corner meat market, where the head butcher has joined the Eating the Opponent project. He looked at the Packers schedule (at New Orleans on Sunday Night Football) and decided to put Andouille sausage on sale. We had gumbo for supper tonight. Look out, Drew Brees, we’ve got the neighborhood butcher on our side!

So on we go – out of the summer, and into the fall, and eventually, on to the cruel world we call Wisconsin Winter. Our family, at least, will be well fed.

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