>"Not for the first time, a argument had broken out over breakfast at number 4 Privet Drive."

>In a recent post, Mom-Nos reminded me that among other happenings in the world, Harry Potter the 7th will be arriving in July. Amigo has declared that he would like it in Braille, as usual, so that we can read it together. I am working on re-reading the first six so that I’m really ready for the next, er, final installment.
If you’ve been around me for any length of time, you know my theory on Dementors. But Mom-Nos brought up another yet-unsolved dilemma: Snape, friend or foe?
I haven’t liked Snape since the beginning. However, J.K. Rowling is surprising and tricky with her characters. As she reveals more and more about Snape, he becomes more, not likable, but tolerable. Knowing his background, how he was bullied by James Potter, how he had to defend his half-blood heritage in full-blood Slytherin, can almost build an understanding of how he became such a bitter adult. A reader can almost identify with his pain.
Snape is an extremely talented wizard. He is a skilled potion-maker, occlumense, and creator of useful spells, as we learned through the inadvertent loan of his potion-book in The Half-Blood Prince. But is he good or evil?
He turned out to be on the side of good in Sorcerer’s Stone. Despite his hatred of Harry, he helped him out of trouble in The Order of the Phoenix.
After Half-Blood Prince, well, I still can’t trust the guy.
I’m still rooting for Harry to take on and defeat Voldermort. I just hope Snape doesn’t get in the way.

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One thought on “>"Not for the first time, a argument had broken out over breakfast at number 4 Privet Drive."

  1. >I may be biased simply because Snapes is played by Alan Rickman in the movie and I have a silly crush on him, but I like Snapes. I think he fell into a bad gang when he was younger because he didn’t fit in anywhere else. He still has a hard time fitting in. I think he is very hard on Potter, not just because of the hurt he still feels from Harry’s father, but because he is constantly testing Harry and forcing him to be stronger and better. I think that he still feels guilty ties to the Voldemort gang, but he has too strong of a sense of right to ever go back. He feels loved at Hogwarts (by Dumbledore) but doesn’t feel worthy of it.

    I like him.

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