>Mom’s playing in the dirt — already!

>You might be a teacher if:

–“spring cleaning” happens in July
–you finish planting your garden after report cards are done
–you prepare the garden when you can and where you can.

This view has been bothering me for weeks, but I’ve had no time or energy to work on it until now. The tulips and decorative grasses have been poking out of the thawing soil and reaching for that elusive Wisconsin sunshine, and all the while the remains of last fall’s flowers have been blocking their line of light.

Today, I finally got down on my knees and cut them back.

I don’t know what’s growing there now. Are those new shoots from the old plant? This is a flower La Petite bought and planted last summer, so she knows more about it than I do. I hope I didn’t cut it back too far, but it’s too late now. I guess I’ll find out! But for now, the tulips can come up and enjoy the spring sun.

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One thought on “>Mom’s playing in the dirt — already!

  1. >Hey, just in time for the snow storm. 🙂 You’re probably a little too far south for that wonderfulness. I stood out looking my lawn this morning. It’s covered in branches, and the flower beds are completely bare. Very sad and depressing, and it’ll probably be a month before I get to planting anything and cleaning up.

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