>Meal planning, Daisy style


A typical week looks like this in the OkayByMe kitchen:
Monday: Chuck works late, Daisy makes an omelet.
Tuesday: something good for two.
Wednesday: something good for two.
Thursday: something good for two. Can you tell we’re enjoying the empty nest during the week?
Friday: Crock Pot or other easy dish to accommodate Amigo’s pick-up time around five.

Meanwhile, eating the opponent continues on Saturday nights.

St. Louis Toasted (fried) Ravioli was delicious, but high maintenance. Chuck said “Never again.” I said, “Let’s leave it to the restaurants.”
Next week, Minnesota Vikings. Last year we faced this dilemma, too. No lutefisk, I declared, not in my home! So instead, we made a stuffed meatloaf (good hot-dish, Lake Wobegon style) and bought a can of Spam. Breakfast featured turnovers in honor of former Packer turned traitor, er, Viking, Brett Favre.
No one liked the Spam.
But anyway, we’d like to expand on eating Minnesota next weekend. A search through Swagbucks turned up recipes with rhubarb (too easy), wild rice (a strong possibility), and the ubiquitous hot dish. Hot dish, for the uninitiated, is another name for a casserole. Meat, veggies, pasta or potatoes, all in one pan, stirred with a can of cream soup to hold it all together. Many hot dish formulas call for a can of tuna or a pound of browned ground beef.
We could make a ground beef and tater tot casserole using tater tots made in Plover, Wisconsin.
We could make a wild rice dish with fish or other wild game meat.
Turnovers? Not necessary this year. Take that, Brett.
Well, readers, what do you think? Minnesota friends, weigh in, please. What should we serve for Eating the Opponent when our Packers play the Vikings?

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